Do You Need a Lash Perm?

Think about your makeup routine in the morning. Is mascara an integral part of your process? Most women would say a loud, resounding yes. Long and prominent eyelashes can make a world of difference in anyone’s appearance, which explains the rapidly growing popularity of eyelash extensions.

However, the hair trend that brought us some rather unfortunate hairstyles in the 80s is now back and ready to be applied to your eyelashes! Don’t worry, instead of looking like a poodle, your eyelashes will be full of gorgeous shape and volume 24-hours a day. No makeup even required!

What Does a Lash Perm Do?

Lash PermThe concept is pretty simple: a Costa mesa lash perm permanently turns eyelashes up so that they no longer sit straight. This simple process creates an appearance of longer, fuller eyelashes. Most women use eyelash curling wands to achieve this appearance, but eyelash perms create the effect permanently through the life of the eyelash.

What is the Procedure Like?

You will need to devote about 45 minutes to achieve an eyelash perm. The process begins with your lashes being coated in a special adhesive, then wrapped around mini foam rollers to hold them in the curled position you want to maintain. You continue to squeeze your eyes tightly so that a perming solution can be applied. More wrapping and cooking occurs until finally a neutralizing solution is placed on your lashes and your lashes are permanently curled!

This process is absolutely perfect for anybody who wants to limit makeup use, enhance their appearance naturally, and cut time out of the daily cosmetic routine.

Since an eyelash extension costa mesa typically lives between 60 and 120 days, an eyelash perm will last about that long as well. Once your eyelashes gradually fall out and become replaced with new, un-permed lashes, the effects will be less noticeable.  

A Word on Safety

A perm uses chemicals that can be potentially hazardous, so it is crucial that you find a reputable salon that you can trust with your health and safety.