When Sports are Your Life

Staying fit and healthy is not only fun, but can be a way of life for many people. When an injury occurs, it can seem like the end of world, a lifetime before you can get back out there doing what you love. But serious injuries don’t have to sideline you forever. Finding a qualified, licensed orthopedic surgeon can mean getting back to doing your favorite sport faster than you might have thought possible.

Sarasota orthopedic surgeons are highly trained specialists who focus on musculoskeletal injuries. Some surgeons specialize in injuries that tend to sideline athletes. These injuries can range from problems with the spine to any major joints. They can be from an accident, such as while skiing, to repetitive motion injuries from sports such as tennis or baseball. In addition to performing surgery to get the athlete back into working condition, the orthopedic surgeon can also help to rebuild muscular tissue, reset bones, and help the muscles and bones work together as they should. They can devise a plan for regaining lost muscle so the body performs as well as it did before the accident or injury.

To best determine what damage has been done and how to approach fixing it, an orthopedic surgeon will use arthroscopy, a minimally invasive procedure that allows the doctor to get a good view of the joint in question. Arthroscopy surgery can help to correct some of the damage; although for serious injuries, surgery will be imminent.

If you have an injury that is sidelining you and won’t go away, the sooner you contact an orthopedic surgeon the better. Repetitive motion injuries will likely never heal by themselves, and healing can take time. The faster you are seen by a licensed orthopedic surgeon, the quicker you can get back out there and be active. For more, visit our website.sports medicine